Brenda Price

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Monday-Friday 7 PM-10 PM
Sunday 7 AM-NOON

I am so excited to spend evenings with you Monday through Friday!

I love to hike and exercise, plants, sushi, and I love Jesus! I can’t wait to share His awesome love with you on Star 93.3! I also adore fur-babies! I have 2 rescues, a dog and a cat, well you know what they say...the cat rescued me!

I am a recovered addict and I have a new life because of the love, transformation, and forgiveness of Jesus. I am on the air to share with those struggling that with anything in life, you are not alone. There is so much joy in life to be discovered and I’m honored to be on this journey with you!

Encouraging STAR Stories with Brenda is uplifting songs and stories of hope and joy, triumph over tragedy, and overcoming adversity. Each night is filled with special guests and encouraging moments that will inspire and lift you up. And I would love to share YOUR story, too!