Get The Story Behind “Rescuer (Good News)” by Rend Collective

In this weeks Behind the Mic, Rend Collective shares the story behind their single Rescuer (Good News). In a time where there seems to be so much bad news, knowing and remembering we have a Rescuer reaffirms the promise God made to us, and the LOVE He has for us. We hope you enjoy this weeks article and Rend Collective’s recent single, Rescuer (Good News).

Rend Collective Shares The Story Behind “Rescuer (Good News)”

I don’t know how you feel right now, but I feel like there’s so much bad news in the world. Every time I turn on my tv, every time I look at my phone and see notifications that tell me there’s another tragedy or there’s something horrible going on. It’s totally overwhelming. Did you know that the Gospel means Good News and Good News has a name, Jesus Christ. He came down from Heaven to rescue each one of us. He came down to change our situation. He came down to lift us from the mud. Jesus is our Rescuer, and that’s why we wrote the song. I feel like God put rescue in our DNA.

We have a little boy called Arthur, and he’s totally obsessed with anything that means rescuing somebody. Every TV show, everything we watch. You’ve got fire trucks, you’ve got robots, whatever’s going on they’re trying to rescue people who are lost. People who are in a situation where they feel helpless. Every little girl’s dream is that one day they’ll be a princess and this prince will come and rescue them from some castle. That’s just something God has put inside of us.

You see, all of us are lost without Him. All of us are overwhelmed. All of us are caught up in the bad news. But today there is nothing more powerful we can do, in the darkness, in the bleakness, than proclaim the good news.  Proclaim the gospel. It’s about time we start declaring what our message is. What the truth of following Jesus is all about. It’s not a nice idea, it’s not a nice religion, but it is a life-transforming, rescuing power that is the Gospel. That’s what we all chase after. That’s what we all want you to carry the message of as well.

There is good news for the captives. There is good news for the shamed. There is good news for the one who walked away. There is good news for the doubter, the one religion failed. The good Lord came to seek and save.

Maybe that’s a message you need to hear today. Maybe you need to know that you can be rescued. Maybe you just need to celebrate the fact that you have been rescued. Jesus is our Rescuer. There is good news in Him. Maybe it’s about time you turned off the notifications on your phone. Maybe it’s about time you turned off the TV. We can get obsessed with fear. We can allow that to overwhelm us, but maybe it’s about time we started proclaiming the clear message of Jesus, that there is Good News and He has come to Rescue us.


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