Giants Fall – Francesca Battistelli

Have you ever heard the verse in the Bible in which Jesus told those around him that to enter the Kingdom of Heaven they had to become like little children? Ever wonder why? Maybe they have a better handle on this whole faith thing than us grown ups. This is Francesca Battistelli’s story about how she came to write her latest song, “Giants Fall.

Story Behind “Giants Fall” by Francesca Battistelli

This song was inspired by a girl who is an amazing young lady, her name is Mallory. She emailed me, telling me about an organization she started when she was 11, called Project Yesu, to raise money for kids in Uganda. She took a trip over to Uganda and felt moved to do something. She’s really just an incredible girl who’s got a huge heart for people and for the Lord.

One summer, she emailed me again, asking if I would sing at a benefit concert for her foundation, but she started the e-mail by saying “People are telling me I’m crazy for writing you. That you’ll never read this or if you do you’ll never write me back. But I’ve learned one thing in the last couple of years. God is able to do so much more than I can. Just step out in faith and ask.”

I was so taken aback by that opening sentence! I was like, please let her be asking for something I can do because I just wanted to be that answer to prayer for her. She believed that it could happen and stepped out on faith. So we did, and it was really cool to write her back and be like, “Hey, we’ll be there.”

I think she was shocked. That exchange inspired me so much! A couple days later, I was writing with two friends and they said, “What do you want to write today?” I said, “I want to write a song for this girl, for Mallory.”

It’s so easy to think we have to have everything together before we can do anything for God. We have to have all the money we could ever need and all the resources. But He just wants willing people, who will dream for Him, people who will say “Hey, I’ll go send me”.

Over the years, Mallory has been such an encouragement to me and my faith. We email back and forth and I’m really learning so much about childlike faith. Giants Fall is a song encouraging you to take whatever it is in your hand, whether it’s time, talent, whatever God has given you and give it to Him. It might feel small, but He’s able to do so much with so little, if we would just give it to Him.

I got to play the song for Mallory Before I played it for anyone else. To see her cry and get to meet her was a really good experience. I think she’s going to change the world.


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  1. Maribell Aayala on April 4, 2017 at 3:33 pm

    I really like her songs….it’s so touchable to our heart❤

    • STAR 93.3 on April 12, 2017 at 8:58 am

      ❤️ Thank you for listening to STAR 93.3!

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