Hillary Scott Talks About Her Greatest Heartbreak

Hillary Scott shares about a time when she and her husband started talking about growing their family. That’s such an exciting time, full of anticipation and excitement. Moms get to shop for baby clothes and dads begin building the crib. There are all sorts of plans to be made. Sometimes, those dreams and plans are cut short through the loss of the child. It’s a heartbreak that deeply affects the family. Some things in life just don’t make sense and losing a child is one of those things. If you’ve lost a child, I pray that Hillary Scott’s story and song “Thy Will”  reminds you that God is for you. He loves you and cares about your hurting heart.

Story behind “Thy Will” by Hillary Scott

Hillary and her husband found out they were expecting a baby last July. At the first doctor’s appointment, they heard the flutter of a heartbeat. The doctor asked them to come back in a week to check the heartbeat again, to see if the baby was healthy. That week in between, Hillary talks about what a desperate place she was in. “I would get on my knees and try to pray. It was almost like I had lost the ability to speak. All I could really say was ‘Thy will be done.’”

The morning of the appointment she was reading the Lord’s prayer (Matthew 6.9-13) and she felt God speak to her heart, “This isn’t going to end how you want it to. But, My plans are for you.”

She found out that morning they had lost the baby.

“One of the things that has been such a huge blessing for me to learn in writing this song and sharing this story is I’ve already seen so much good and so much positive come from what I went through. Obviously, this is not the end to this story that I wanted about this chapter in our life. But, the beauty that has risen from these ashes and the beauty that has come in a form that I wasn’t expecting it to- in the form of this song, in the form of stories and connections with fans and with people all over the world already- that has just been the biggest blessing and I will forever be grateful for every step of this journey.” – Hillary Scott


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