Story Behind “Broken Things” by Matthew West

In this Behind the Mic blog post, Matthew West shares the story behind his new song “Broken Things”. At times, we may feel disqualified to be used by God. Maybe we’ve fallen short, can you relate? To be honest, I have and it’s easy to forget that His grace is enough. Matthew’s new song “Broken Things” remind us of God’s grace and how God desires to use Broken Things.

Story Behind “Broken Things” by Matthew West

I had a hard time getting through the writing and recording of Broken Things, without being brought to tears. I usually pride myself on being able to stay composed, but there’s something about these lyrics that brought me to a real place of worship. Even when I hear it now, the chorus says;

I’m just a beggar in the presence of a King.
I wish I could bring so much more.
But if it’s true that you use broken things
Then here I am Lord.
I’m all yours.

The fact that God still uses someone like me, blows me away. I tried to put that humble appreciation in a song and to be honest with the listener to say “There’s a whole lot of times in my life where I feel disqualified. As if I’ve messed up too many times and if grace is a kingdom I’m just going to hang outside the gates.” Yet time and time again, day after day, morning after morning, God invites me inside those gates. He says “Come on I’m going to use you in a powerful way because our Gods in the business of using broken people and broken things.”

“God is in the business of using broken people and broken things.” – Matthew West

Here we go. It’s going to be an exciting new season, being reminded that God uses broken things. Thanks for supporting me. I hope this song speaks to you.


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  1. Tracy Kerr on February 2, 2019 at 5:37 pm

    I have been close to the Lord from the time I was born. I thought that I was as close as anyone could ever possibly be to the lord. Not long after thinking as such, I fell, I fell hard! Now, I am broken pieces that seeks rescue only in the lord. Hearing this song makes me realize how much I still need to learn just however much God needs, for me to be able to help others know God as I do. How great God is, how wonderful it is to feel as exposed as I do, as my world, everyone that I knew, all came crashing down upon me as I was led astray by satin. I am so thankful to God for showing me who I truly am and what my life is truly meant to be about. I love God more today than I ever have before. I don’t blame God for my life’s misfortunes, I love God more in knowing that he is real and has been here for me in all the good as well as his teaching for me to grab ahold of him as he forgives me in all the bad.

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