Story Behind Higher by For All Seasons

In this weeks Behind the Mic, Emily from For All Seasons shares the story behind their song Higher. She shares what it means to trust in God’s way of doing things and doing so with grace and love.

Story Behind “Higher” by For All Seasons

Hi, I’m Emily with For All Seasons. Our song Higher is tightly wound into what our culture is walking through right now. I have family members that aren’t following the Lord and sometimes I feel pushed to share my Christian agenda with them. I feel the need to tell them that they’re wrong, that there’s this other way. But to be honest, a lot of the times it’s not met with grace and love.

This song is about trusting God’s way of doing things. God’s way of handling people. As we see in the gospels with Jesus, His way is different than the way we may want to handle it. Acknowledging that He is the Maker, that He knows the hearts of His people, whether they’re following Him or not. His spirit is moving and working. All He’s asking us to do is to partner with Him.

When we sing His ways are Higher than all of our ways, it’s me saying, “God, I trust that You see the big picture. I trust that You know what’s going on in this person’s heart.” Whether God is asking me to just walk alongside them in love share truth with them or to really sit them down and have a hard conversation, I’m going to trust that Your way God is higher than my way.

We really hope you enjoy our song Higher and make sure you check it out below. ❤️

“Higher” by For All Seasons


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