When Things Don’t Go As Planned

Have you ever listened to someone share a story about a struggle they’ve been having, or how they’re dealing with it, and thought, “WOW! That’s me! I’ve had those same thoughts!” Recently, I was listening to singer/songwriter, Laura Story, and that’s exactly what happened. I am excited to share what she had to say with you because it’s so true, and it’s definitely encouraging!

Laura Story’s Story

When you have kids, you realize that everything that you do or say, all of it, you’re handing down to your kids. I’m constantly teaching my little girl, Josie, who’s four, how to respond, and when I see this little child become anxious, I think, “Gosh…there’s no way that she’s learned that from anyone but me.” But when my demeanor says, “It’s ok Josie. Maybe this didn’t work out the way that we thought it would, but I believe that God still has a plan.”, that’s contagious as well!

I can look back on days of my life that have been stolen by worry. I wouldn’t say the whole day was stolen, but it’s more like my joy, or my contentment, in that day, has been stolen by worry. It’s almost like I’m this ‘practical atheist’. I say that I believe in God. I say that I believe Him to be faithful, and I believe in Him to be my provider. But when I worry, I’m basically saying that I don’t actually believe that!

I’m learning to trust God with my life. It’s not just something I did when I became a Christian. It’s something that I have to practice every morning, when I wake up and believe that God’s faithfulness can be seen throughout the day, in the big and small things.

Julie Pierce

Facebook: /julie.duncan.pierce

This blog post was inspired by Keep the Faith with Julie Pierce, aired on STAR 93.3. Thank you for listening to STAR 93.3


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