Rob Lewis

On air

7PM - 12AM

I’ve lived in Cincinnati since I was eight years old. I grew up in Colerain Township and have lived all over the Tri-State. Eastside, Westside and now Northern Kentucky. We didn’t have a television growing up, so radio was a big part of my life. Listening to Marty & Joe call Reds games was a big highlight as was rushing home after school to catch Gary Burbank and his cast of characters. I thought those guys had the coolest jobs in the world.

When I was around ten, my dad started working at WAKW (now STAR 93.3) on Saturdays. I tagged along eager to learn everything I could about radio. Before long I was “running the board” for his show. That means I pushed the buttons to start records (yes, the vinyl ones) and CD’s and flipped switches for

When I was 15, I got the chance to be on the radio all by myself, every other Sunday afternoon. Since then, I have worked many different jobs here at Star all of which have been rewarding in their own ways.

Along the way, I moved from being a nominal Christian to having a real relationship with Jesus. As I have learned the real beauty of God’s love and forgiveness, the radio work has taken on a completely different meaning. It’s still fun and way better than having a “real job.” However, the highlight is getting to share the best news ever about Jesus in creative ways.

When I’m not at work, I’m often hanging out with the cool kids; 3 rd , 4 th & 5 th graders at my church. Which might be even more fun than working in radio. I’m also always looking for good book recommendations.