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Since the second quarter of our fiscal year has closed, I would like to take this opportunity to share an update on the ministry.

During this quarter, 54% of our operating funds came from individual partners who support the ministry with one-time gifts, monthly pledges, or a combination of both. Financial support has also been realized through stock gifts, donor advised funds, IRA contributions, and corporate matching gifts. The balance of our revenue is attributed to business development (on-air ads).

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Music reaches people who might not be ready for a conversation about faith yet, people who have been hurt by the church, or the 50% of people who aren’t connected with a church - people in the car heading to a cancer treatment, people in prison cells, people who are isolated and alone, and looking for hope.

As a ministry that is called to encourage people into a growing relationship with Jesus through media, it is important for us to expand the reach of who we connect with to include people who are on the journey toward faith, who are searching, and who have questions about God.

To meet this need, STAR will be launching a discipleship initiative to address topics such as forgiveness and God’s love; the content will be seamlessly woven together and shared on-air, on our blog, and on our social media platforms. We are also increasing ministry outreach in the local community with eye-catching and encouraging billboards, messaging for both church people and those who are seeking.



Established in 1961, WAKW is a 501 (C) (3) non-profit that has been faithfully serving the Tri-State Area. During these many decades of ministry, we have been committed to sharing a transformative message that points people to a relationship with Jesus Christ, the source of our strength and hope.

“Listening to your station has made my relationship with God stronger. Thank you for playing great Christian music and lifting my spirit.”  ~ Margie

We are deeply grateful for the prayer and financial support of partners, like you. Thank you for serving alongside us!  As you might imagine, there are some listeners in our community who are not in a position to give at this time, however, their need to be encouraged still exists – and in many cases, this need is even greater due to circumstances in their lives. This is why I am asking you today to consider making an additional gift to STAR 93.3 so that together, we can share the message of hope that is found in Jesus with our neighbors, friends, and family through the powerful reach of media.

I pray the Lord bless you and your family!

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