We All Want To Be Valued

Do you feel like you value people…like you truly value others? I mean we all want to be valued ourselves, right? But what do we do for other people, to let them know that they matter?

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Benefits of Smiling

There are many benefits to smiling and talking. When you smile while you talk, you will be shocked at how you will be treated…

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War Of Words At Church

Have you ever been caught up in a sort of “war of words” at church? Rumors and thoughts going viral throughout the church body…Now, imagine…

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Are You More Likely To Be Fearful?


Do you ever feel like you’re suffering the effects of information overload? I do. I’m always overthinking and overanalyzing everything, and it’s exhausting! What about you? The truth is, this can affect our relationship with God. On that note, here’s some encouragement from author Andy Andrews. The Difference between Wisdom & Knowledge I believe that…

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How a Talking Tomato Saved a Life

If you ever lack the confidence that God can use you for anything significant, be encouraged that He can, and He will, if you’ll let Him. After all, He used Bob the Tomato to change the course of an entire family!

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