Benefits of Smiling

Did you know we DJs are encouraged to smile when we talk to you over the radio? We are because the friendliness can be detected through the airwaves. Crazy, right! Well, smiling when you talk to people is a good idea too. I cannot wait for you to hear what motivational speaker and author Andy Andrews has to say about it! You might just be encouraged to give it a shot. – Julie Pierce

The Benefits of Smiling & Talking

There are many benefits to smiling and talking. When you smile while you talk, you will be shocked at how you will be treated. You will be chosen over anybody else. This is the greatest hiring tool! If you want to get a job, or you want to keep a job. Maybe you want to be selected for a particular task, or you want to be put in charge. People will notice if you smile while you talk.

If you go into a grocery store and your cashier smiles, she talks, and you feel good when you go through her line, you’ll look for her next time you’re at the store. If the grocery store has 10 cashiers, and they have to lay off two or more, they’re not laying off her because everybody loves her! The same is right for you. If you learn to smile while you talk you will be treated differently. You’ll get the benefit of the doubt in every situation. You’ll be treated differently at the bank, the coffee shop. You’ll be treated differently by the teachers at your children’s school. You’ll be treated differently by your children, and by your spouse. For the most part, funny as it is, they won’t even know why they’re treating you differently.

– Andy Andrews

“If you don’t have a smile, I’ll give you one of mine.” ~ Author Unknown


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