How I Found Crazy Generous Love (+The Way It Transformed Me)

Aerial panorama of Botafogo Bay , Rio De Janeiro

A few years ago, we gathered a team together that was going to Brazil on a missions trip. Our church supports missionaries there and we wanted to visit and serve in the community we have been supporting for decades. As God seems to do often, He blessed us with life lessons far beyond our expectations.

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More Than a Garbage Man

Today, Julie Bick from North Bend Ohio (west-side of Cincinnati), shared a beautiful story and photo of Harold, their Rumpke garbage man. “Harold goes above and beyond daily. If he knows someone is elderly or sick, he walks their cans back to their house. During holidays if people forget to take out their trash, he knocks on…

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Benefits of Smiling

There are many benefits to smiling and talking. When you smile while you talk, you will be shocked at how you will be treated…

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Bulletproof – Citizen Way

In this Behind the Mic, Citizen Way talks about how the “armor of God” inspired their song, Bulletproof. We are bulletproof because of God.

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Give You Faith

How is my child learning about God? Laura Story believes the greatest gift a parent can give to their children is the gift of faith.

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How a Talking Tomato Saved a Life

If you ever lack the confidence that God can use you for anything significant, be encouraged that He can, and He will, if you’ll let Him. After all, He used Bob the Tomato to change the course of an entire family!

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