Behold: A Christmas Collection (Lauren Daigle)

In this week Behind the Mic, we are super excited to share the story behind “Behold”Lauren Daigle’s Christmas album. If you love Christmas and jazz music scroll down to the end of this post to hear Lauren Daigle’s full Christmas album “Behold”. Merry Christmas friends. – STAR 93.3 😁

Story Behind Creating “Behold”

The start of this record,“Behold”, was developed because I really wanted to do something with jazz. I grew up in Louisiana and loved jazz music. My whole life has kind of been influenced by the sounds of jazz and I see a lot of elements, even my personality, kind of in jazz. So we started talking about the idea. I thought, why not go for a Christmas record…Jazz and Christmas married perfectly together. The process of making a record is always intriguing to me and in the making of this particular record, I really wanted to not only capture classic songs, but I wanted to capture the classic sound. It’s so inspiring and puts wind in my sail to keep being creative, to keep working on my craft and it feels like the sky is the limit. I want the listener to experience, just true inspiration and feeling like I can soar. There’s other places to go.

There’s this sweetness that is kind of in the air around Christmas time and I want people to feel that sentiment, while they listen to the record. That it’s a place that they’re able to put on the record while they’re cooking dinner at night, and look into the eyes of their loved ones and be still and think…where it gives their brain a place to just rest. My heart is that everyone who listens to“Behold” is able to experience the same type of reflection. That it will bring them to a place of stillness. To look back and see where they’ve come from that will launch them into where they’re going.

– Lauren Daigle

Story Behind “Behold”

The title “Behold” came from a conversation one of my producers, Jason Ingram and I were having together. I was singing “O Come Let Us Adore Him”…come and behold Him, and that line just kind of hit us. We started thinking about “Light Of The World”…behold your King. And this word behold just started spinning in the room. I thought what a better way to capture the sentiment of the whole record in one word,“Behold”. Behold the sound. Behold the message. Behold the Granger of what is to come and what was meant by the Christmas season, the birth of Jesus.

It’s really sweet to think that because we’re able to behold Him, we’re able to live in freedom. Our heart, through the title “Behold”, is that people are able to capture a new element of the Christmas season and what Jesus did in that time.

– Lauren Daigle

Behold: A Christmas Collection


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