National Adoption Month: One Adoptive Parent’s Story

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In the most recent Republican U.S. Presidential debate, former Governor of New Jersey Chris Christie, said this, “we need to be pro-life for the whole life,’ not just in womb.”  Please understand, I’m not here to advocate for Governor Christie or for any of his policies, but I do agree with him that our commitment as pro-life…

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Do You Feel A Million Miles Away from God?

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The government has been taking photos of us. A few years ago, NASA’s Cassini Telescope snapped this photo of you and me, as the telescope approached Saturn. The brighter blue dot near the center of the photo is us – planet earth! It’s easy to look at a photo like this and be impressed with…

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Loved and Sent: A Daily Message of Faith and Purpose

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You are loved.  And you are sent! 

The power of those two truths haunted me, in a good way.  It is the essential power and purpose for every follower of Jesus. 

The truth is, you can be loved, but not feel sent!  And you can experience a passion for service, but not know God’s love.

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God’s Love Changes Things: 9 Bible Verses About God’s Love

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Jesus loves you. How simple and profound is this statement? There is so much we could learn about our God in scripture that impacts our daily lives. So many topics that are important like peace, forgiveness, wisdom, faithfulness, justice and so many more. So why focus on love? Perhaps it’s because scripture tells us that God IS love. 

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