Instant Growth

We all, I think, want instant growth.

For somebody who’s a Jesus follower. We all want to become more like Him so that we become more loving like Him.  I’ve got to tell you it’s a little frustrating because I’d like that to happen overnight. It hasn’t for me.

There has been change, though. There’s a quote, that we’ve shared it before on the show. It can apply to about anything. The quote is:

“Never underestimate the inevitability of gradualness.”


Day, after day, after day, if I’m trying to spend time with Him. If I’m allowing Him to shape me, form me, correct me, guide me. If I’m actually humble day after day, I’m getting somewhere. Never underestimate the inevitability of gradualness.

Brant Hansen


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This blog post was inspired by The Brant Hansen Show, aired on STAR 93.3.

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