God Wants to Partner with Us: Where are You?

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God wants to partner with us.  

We don’t always think about it that way, but it’s true. He’s always been looking for people to partner with, to walk through life with. He wants to partner with you.

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The Hidden Lesson in Jesus and Lazarus’ Story: Doing What We Can Do

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So I’m going to keep this short, because short is good. Jesus told short stories, and I love that. Short is powerful. Maybe you know the Lazarus story already? Jesus raises him from the dead in John 11. Think about that: Lazarus has no blood flow. His brain is done. His organs are already disorganized.…

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A Modest Proposal for You


Q: What do The Beatles, my parents, and the ’94 Lakers have in common? A: They couldn’t stay together. They all broke up. They just couldn’t make it work. This is not abnormal. This is the natural state of things. Shaq and Kobe could’ve dominated for a decade, but they couldn’t stand each other anymore.…

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Why Should You Be Afraid?

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There’s another poll out, producer Sherri and I talked about it the other day on our show, about how fearful Americans are.  More than half of those surveyed, said they look ahead to 2022 with fear.   Are there solid, rational reasons to be afraid? Definitely. There’s no doubt about it. I could make a list, and so could you. Things we imagine…

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The One Remaining Question

Questioning who Jesus is to you

Very recently, I read about the latest church-celebrity “I’m-not-a-Christian-anymore” social media post when my insightful friend Sherri asked me a question:  “Hey, did he ever mention Jesus?”  “What?” “Did he mention Jesus in his ‘goodbye’ post? I noticed the last guy didn’t… the celebrity pastor. Did this one mention Jesus?” I skimmed it again.  Why…

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Daily Bread

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Jesus said when we pray to ask God: ”Give us today our daily bread.” Give us today…Think about this for you and me. All the things we can be worried about. Allthe things we can be anxious about. He basically tells us to say: “Hey God, give me theresources I need to get through this…

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