Hear What Outcry Means To Kim Walker-Smith & Lauren Daigle

Kim Walker-Smith, with Jesus Culture, and Lauren Daigle, share their story about what Outcry means to them.

What Outcry Means to Kim Walker-Smith, Jesus Culture

“You know there’s so many people that come to the Outcry tours. Believers, nonbelievers, worship pastors and youth pastors. There’s just so many people in so many different places and it’s such a beautiful picture that we all have a role to play.

When we come together it’s so powerful and it’s bigger than what we even realize. It’s not just what God does in and amongst us and through us, it’s the power of us. It’s about the body of Christ, the church, serving each other, loving each other and worshipping him and giving him the glory that He’s deserving of.” – Kim Walker-Smith

Lauren Daigle Shares Her Experience at Outcry

“I would sit side stage and listen to all of the voices come together. I would close my eyes, not see anything, but just listen and be still. I would ask the Lord to let the grandeur of that sound penetrate my heart in a way that took me on a journey I didn’t know. If He needs me to grieve for someone, let me feel that. If He needs me to rejoice for someone, let me feel that. In that prayer, in that moment, I could feel Heaven colliding with Earth. It’s something so mysterious, but also prophetic. Just in that moment, in the sound of what we’re going to be experiencing for all of eternity.” – Lauren Daigle


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