Story Behind “Point to You”

In this week’s Behind the Mic, Darren from We Are Messengers, shares the story behind his song “Point to You”. Reminding us that we have a God who wants us as we are. We hope you find this story and song encouraging. 😁

What God Reminded Me

Hey, this is Darren from We Are Messengers. Point to You is a song that I wrote with a good friend of mine called Seth Mosley. It explores the idea that we’ve been forgiven by a God who loves us. So often our biggest struggle is to forgive ourselves and I’ve struggled with that in my own life. God reminded me

I know you want my heart, my bruises and my scars.
I’m coming as I am, the only way I can.

(chorus from Point to You)

This reminds us that we have a God who doesn’t push us away, He never keeps us at arm’s length, but He draws us in. I hope you guys love it.

– Darren Mulligan

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Listen to “Point to You”


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