Story Behind “Your Name is Power” by Rend Collective

The story behind “Your Name is Power” is something that came out of a time that we had so many questions because of all the chaos in the world, and all the hopelessness. The song started with a whole bunch of questions. Then, after talking about it and praying about it, we realized that in times of uncertainty we don’t need to be asking questions as much as we need to be proclaiming truth. There’s no truth more concrete that we can cling to in difficult times than the name of Jesus!

“It’s at the name of Jesus that every knee will bow.”

Whenever we speak that, it actually has power in it that really changes things, and that breeds revival. So those are the kind of words we want to be singing as we go into churches because we want to bring the presence of Jesus. By even just speaking out His name we know that that has power. You know, it’s at the name of Jesus that every knee will bow. It’s one of those things for us in our circumstances, the things that we are struggling with, to be able to proclaim that His name is power over darkness is such an amazing anthem of hope and courage. Not just for our situations but we wanted that to be a song for other people and their scenarios and their situations, for the Church and for all the nations of the earth. So, we want to proclaim that in the darkest and the most hopeless times that His name is Power!

Rend Collective


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