Story Behind Higher by For All Seasons

In this weeks Behind the Mic, Emily from For All Seasons shares the story behind their song Higher. She shares what it means to trust in God’s way of doing things and doing so with grace and love.

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Story Behind “Unfinished” by Mandisa

When bad things happen, where do we turn? When everything in our world seems to be crashing down, do we still trust in the Lord’s character? In this Behind the Mic, Mandisa shares the work that God has done in her life, and the inspiration behind her song Unfinished. Story Behind “Unfinished” by Mandisa Overcomer…

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Get To Know Hannah Kerr & The Story Behind Warrior

When was the last time you were totally dependent on God? Placed all of your hope in Him, trusting that He is strong and powerful enough for you? In this Behind the Mic, upcoming artist Hannah Kerr describes her heart behind her new song, Warrior. (listen to Warrior) Story Behind “Warrior” from Hannah Kerr The song…

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