I Can Only Imagine – The Movie

If you’ve been listening to STAR 93.3 you’ve probably heard MercyMe’s song I Can Only Image. Well, have you seen the movie based on the song? It’s about Bart’s journey and how the song, I Can Only Imagine, came to be. Get ready to get emotional…MercyMe’s guitarist, Mike Scheuchzer is going to share a little about the story…

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Are We Human Beings or Human Doings?

Have you ever stopped and thought to yourself, I need a break, maybe a vacation…a time to just rest. In this week’s Behind the Mic, Matt Maher shares the story behind his song Your Love Defends Me and being still.

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Story Behind “Point to You”

In this week’s Behind the Mic, Darren from We Are Messengers, shares the story behind his song “Point to You”. Reminding us that we have a God who wants us as we are. We hope you find this story and song encouraging. 😁 What God Reminded Me Hey, this is Darren from We Are Messengers. Point to You is…

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Behold: A Christmas Collection (Lauren Daigle)

In this week Behind the Mic, we are super excited to share the story behind “Behold”, Lauren Daigle’s Christmas album. If you love Christmas and jazz music scroll down to the end of this post to hear Lauren Daigle’s full Christmas album “Behold”. Merry Christmas friends. – STAR 93.3 😁

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Bulletproof – Citizen Way

In this Behind the Mic, Citizen Way talks about how the “armor of God” inspired their song, Bulletproof. We are bulletproof because of God.

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Being Spiritually Tuned

Tuning Your Instrument - Being Spiritually Tuned - Brant Hansen

All relationships and friendships grow deeper and closer through spending time together. Brant Hansen shares how crucial it is to tune our hearts to God.

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