What a Friend – Matt Maher

In this week’s Behind the Mic, Matt Maher shares the story behind his song What a Friend.

Story Behind What a Friend

Hey, this is Matt Maher with the story behind the song What A Friend. With this song, the story of the original hymn and what inspired it is powerful. What a Friend We Have in Jesus was written by an Irish man in Canada named Joseph Scriven. He was engaged twice, both times, his fiancé died. He became a missionary, helping physically handicapped and the destitute. He had taken a vow of poverty, and to comfort his mother who was ill. He wrote a poem, the lyrics to What a Friend We Have in Jesus.

I think it says a lot about a man who’s experienced so much suffering in his life that he could still have the faith to write lyrics and words declaring the friendship of Jesus. I think that’s real devotion, that’s real faith, and that’s also experiencing what real friendship is.

More than ever before, I think Christians need to remind people about the friendship of God. It never changes, it never wavers, and never falters. He remains faithful. God will not betray us, He’ll never forsake us, He’ll never leave us. That’s the heart behind this song. Experiencing the genuine, very constant, very consistent, friendship of Jesus.

“The friendship of God never changes, it never wavers, and never falters.” – Matt Maher


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  1. Jessica Short on August 16, 2018 at 12:08 pm

    I was struggling with the loss of my husband today and decided to see if I could find encouragement on 93.3. Your site has really helped me to focus on our Great God. I love the videos and the Matt Maher song “What a Friend we have in Jesus”. So helpful. Thank you all! God Bless WAKW!!!

    • STAR 93.3 on August 20, 2018 at 2:56 pm

      We are so happy you found this post, Jessica! We will b praying for you and thank you for listening to STAR 93.3 ❤️

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