ROTATOR Star 93 ChrisWish Granting 2022


Christmas Wish for Christmas 2022 has come to a close... Special thanks to our friends at United Faith Mortgage and Shine Orthodontics for making Christmas Wish a reality, and for restoring hope in the lives of others in need across the STAR 93.3 listener area.

These listeners had their wishes granted!

Megan needed help to get through cosmetology school as a mom of two:

Leslie and her family lost their home in a fire just a few weeks before Christmas:

Tyka and her family haven't been together for the holidays in 5 years:

Michelle and Darrell never got to have a honeymoon when they got married 8 years ago:

Christmas wish on STAR 93.3 is gifted by:

UNITED FAITH MORTGAGE, a STAR Approved longtime friend – with a BIG direct lender advantage for you.


SHINE ORTHODONTICS, where they believe we can LIVE. LIFE. SHINING.