The Hidden Lesson in Jesus and Lazarus’ Story: Doing What We Can Do

So I’m going to keep this short, because short is good. Jesus told short stories, and I love that.

Short is powerful.

Maybe you know the Lazarus story already? Jesus raises him from the dead in John 11. Think about that: Lazarus has no blood flow. His brain is done. His organs are already disorganized. Decay has set in. He stinks. He’s a goner.

Jesus, however, can raise him from the dead. Do you realize how remarkable that is?

There’s a weird part of the story, though, that doesn’t get much attention: Jesus tells the people there to move the stone that’s blocking where Lazarus’ body is laying. And they do it, and Lazarus comes walking out.

A friend of mine just told me to think about this: What’s harder, bringing a dead body to life, or moving a stone? Couldn’t Jesus have moved the stone?

Of course, he could. But he told people to do it.

Jesus tells us to do what we can do. It matters.

And if we do what we can do, He will do what we could never do.

Brant Hansen
Morning Show Host, STAR 93.3


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Brant Hansen

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  1. Christine on April 11, 2023 at 5:00 am

    I love this!! Do what you can do!!!

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