Story Behind “Word of Life” by Jeremy Camp

In this weeks Behind the Mic, Jeremy Camp shares the story behind his recent song “Word of Life“. We all go through tough times but knowing where we can find peace, hope, and joy is key to surviving in this world or brokenness.

Story Behind “Word of Life” by Jeremy Camp

When we were writing the song “Word Of Life” I thought about the scripture in John 6 when Jesus was talking to the disciples. He said are you willing to drink my blood and eat my flesh. At that point, they didn’t understand what he was talking about. He was saying are you willing to accept Me, Jesus Christ, as the truth. Are you willing to go through what it takes to follow Me, as my disciple? A lot of His disciples were like, this is too much for us, we’re leaving. So when things got tough, they left. They didn’t like what Jesus was saying. So Jesus said to Peter, “Peter what about you? Are you are you going to stay with me or are you going to leave?” Peter said, “Jesus where else are we going to go because You have the words eternal life.”

I think about that when things get tough or hard. Our first reaction may be, I don’t know if I can handle this. But, there’s nowhere else to run. You can run to the world and turn your back on the Lord but that’s where all the problems are. There’s pain and hurt there. But, Jesus literally offers us peace, hope, and joy. He offers the words of eternal life. I want to encourage you guys, stick to the only true source of life, Jesus Christ because He gives us all that we need.

“Jesus offers us peace, hope, and joy.” – Jeremy Camp


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