The Afters – Well Done

In this weeks Behind the Mic, Josh, from The Afters, shares the story behind their song Well Done. We hope you find this song uplifting and that the story will encourage you today.

Story Behind Well Done

Well Done is a song I’ve had in my heart to write for years. I lost my dad to cancer when I was young, and there’s this void that just is never filled in. Anybody who’s lost somebody that they love they know what I’m talking about. I have four kids now, and I feel that void every time my kids have birthday parties because their grandpa is not there. I feel that void when our families get together for holidays. I feel it any time we have those gatherings, we just miss him, and I feel like we’re robbed of that joy.

This year it really hit home because I have two sisters who got married. At one of their weddings, I walked her down the aisle, gave her away to her husband. At the other wedding, I officiated it. I remember thinking how much my dad would have loved to have been there. How much he would have loved to walk my sisters down the aisle and give them away. He would have been so proud of them. It just felt like we were missing something significant, not having him there. But, I also remember looking around and seeing our family together and thinking, our family loves Jesus and it’s because my dad showed us what it meant to live a life in pursuit of God. He was far from perfect, and he taught us about God’s grace and unconditional love. Because of that, all my siblings (all six of us) and I love Jesus.

We only get a certain amount of time here. But, the impact that we have in this world can last way beyond the time that we have here.

I hope this song, Well Done, is an encouragement to you if you’ve ever lost somebody that you love. I hope it will be a reminder of how important this life is and how we can make a difference for the kingdom, while we are here.

– Josh

“The impact that we have in this world can last way beyond the time that we have here.”
– The Afters

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