Why God by Austin French

We all face tragedy in life. Whether you are a Christians or not, tragedy comes and the question, “Why God?” can quickly follow. In this weeks Behind the Mic, Austin French shares his heart behind his song Why God. We hope you find encouragement in his words and if tragedy comes, we pray you’ll remember Why God.

The Heart Behind Austin French’s New Song “Why God”

Why God do people have to die? Why is a tragedy still have a place in the life of a Christian? Why another school shooting, why are You here. Are You with us, God? These are questions that inspired my song Why God on my upcoming record. I believe that our God is a good Father and we are his kids, and he’s not scared of our questions. That in those moments there are tons of things in this life that we do not understand. But, maybe we’re not supposed to. Perhaps we’re supposed to need God, need a Father who knows all things and holds all things in his hands, and that’s okay. The world will tell us that those why God moments are precisely why we should run away from God, but I don’t believe that. I think God is a good father. He wants our questions. He loves us, and those are the moments that we need him. So maybe you can turn your why into worship and perhaps the why God moment in your life is precisely why you need him. And that’s the heart behind my song Why God.

– Austin French

“Turn your why God moments into worship.” – Austin French


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