Jesus Is Your Example And Strength When You Have Nothing Left To Give

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If you’re a parent, then you’re likely all too familiar with this scenario: You’ve worked all day, come home, played with your kids, cooked dinner, cleaned up, helped with homework, given baths, read stories, and got the kids to bed. You finally have a moment to collapse on the couch for a little while at the end of…

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Why We Should Always Choose Grace Over Judgment

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I’ve gone on this “judge not” journey many times for multiple reasons and in multiple seasons. And now that I’ve had so much time to learn from experience, I’ve finally developed a little “check” in my spirit right as I’m about to think something judgy. 

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When You Feel Hopeless and Discouraged, You Need To Cry Out To Jesus

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I have so much fun talking with you! Most afternoons, I share “One Truth” on my radio show. As you tune in for hope and inspiration, I can always find the same from my online friend Kim Jones-Pothier. Not too long ago, she said: “Never be afraid or embarrassed to struggle! We’ve all been in a…

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