Do You Ever Deal With Mind Monsters?

Keep the Faith with Julie Pierce

Mind monsters. Do you ever have to deal with those? I do! If I seem a little excited, it’s because I can’t wait for you to discover the encouragement that I’ve got for you today from Adonis Lenzy! If you find yourself in “Settleville” (in other words, you’re just “settling” for life, and you’re just “settling” for your circumstances, because you don’t feel like you’ve got the power or the ability to make any changes), then you’re definitely going to relate to the story that Adonis has for us. Adonis had some dreams that he wanted to follow, but instead, he found himself broke and embarrassed, as he would stuff his pockets with the food people would leave on their plates at the Chinese Buffet. That’s when something just snapped and he realized he had to leave “Settleville” behind.  Oh yeah, he’s going to explain what Mind Monsters are too!

Mind Monsters

“When we step out in faith, sometimes we can’t expect the parachute to open, to give us a safe landing. I believe God is more interested in our just taking the leap of faith. We may scrape an elbow or scrape a knee, but we’re going to learn some things. So, I began to map out a plan for my life.

But then the moment we start moving forward, or the moment that I started moving forward, those same fears begin to creep back into my head. I call them Mind Monsters, because it’s as if the battle was in my mind.

You should have seen the mirror in my bathroom! It was covered up, not just with inspirational quotes, but there were statements that I had to read every single day, and tell myself before I left my apartment.

I just had to look at myself and say, “You know what? It’s time for you, right now, to start making your next days your BEST days!”

The next thing I knew I would have to do, would be to increase my capacity. That meant that I would also have to increase my knowledge. I would have to reach out, and make some strategic connections, as well as new relationships. At that particular time, I was in Texas, and I made a connection which lead me to Nashville, Tennessee. That connection has actually opened up doors for me to be where I am today, speaking into the lives of people, and encouraging people.

I’ve been able to help them get to their next level of life!

− Adonis Lenzy

Julie Pierce

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