Mended – Matthew West

What would people think about you if they knew about….that? What do you think about yourself? What do we do with those parts of our past and even our present? Those questions are the driving force behind Matthew West’s latest song “Mended.”

Story Behind Mended by Matthew West

Over the last several years I’ve been collecting people’s stories, giving them an opportunity to share their testimonies with me. If I had to pinpoint one common theme that I picked up on in the thousands of stories that I’ve read, it’s been this one theme that’s really driven me to write songs like “Day One, “Grace Wins“, and now “Mended“. It’s the theme of broken chapters of people’s stories, less than perfect parts of their life. They don’t know what to do with the broken chapters.

Some share about chapters that have been written by the choices of sin in their life and they just aren’t sure what to do. They think, “How can God forgive me? How can God love me?” Others share about chapters that have been handed to them. Broken chapters, like the woman who inspired “Mended“. She’s been a victim of abuse her entire life. She didn’t ask for that chapter. But it’s part of her story and it’s not pretty. It’s left her wounded. One-by-one I sense people thinking, “How could God still love me? How can God still have a plan for me? How could He, if He knows about these wounded parts of my story?

The Scriptures remind us that God sees us differently than we see ourselves.

We look in the mirror and we see what we’ve done, but God looks at you and He sees what He’s done, through His Son Jesus. You might see wounded but God sees Mended. Praise God for that.


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