The Hidden Lesson in Jesus and Lazarus’ Story: Doing What We Can Do

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So I’m going to keep this short, because short is good. Jesus told short stories, and I love that. Short is powerful. Maybe you know the Lazarus story already? Jesus raises him from the dead in John 11. Think about that: Lazarus has no blood flow. His brain is done. His organs are already disorganized.…

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Why We Should Always Choose Grace Over Judgment

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I’ve gone on this “judge not” journey many times for multiple reasons and in multiple seasons. And now that I’ve had so much time to learn from experience, I’ve finally developed a little “check” in my spirit right as I’m about to think something judgy. 

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More Than a Garbage Man

Today, Julie Bick from North Bend Ohio (west-side of Cincinnati), shared a beautiful story and photo of Harold, their Rumpke garbage man. “Harold goes above and beyond daily. If he knows someone is elderly or sick, he walks their cans back to their house. During holidays if people forget to take out their trash, he knocks on…

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Get The Story Behind “Rescuer (Good News)” by Rend Collective

In this weeks Behind the Mic, Rend Collective shares the story behind their single Rescuer (Good News). In a time where there seems to be so much bad news, knowing and remembering we have a Rescuer reaffirms the promise God made to us, and the LOVE He has for us. We hope you enjoy this weeks article and Rend…

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Good Dads Have Kids Who Have Scars

No one ever said parenting would be easy….or if they did, maybe they only had a 1 day old! One of the most surprising parenting challenges is the guilt. It’s unbelievable how much there is to feel guilty about! How you feed your children, what time you put them to bed, how you could’ve done better.…

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