National Adoption Month: One Adoptive Parent’s Story

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In the most recent Republican U.S. Presidential debate, former Governor of New Jersey Chris Christie, said this, “we need to be pro-life for the whole life,’ not just in womb.”  Please understand, I’m not here to advocate for Governor Christie or for any of his policies, but I do agree with him that our commitment as pro-life…

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When Life Is Painful, But God Is Still Working

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Part of my job at STAR is to manage the Prayer Wall. While I love having the opportunity to offer prayer to those who need it, the burden of hearing about all the suffering and loss that people in our community experience sometimes grows heavy. This week alone, I prayed for a parent who has…

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How The Holy Spirit Is Like A Spider Web

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A spider puts itself at great risk without its web. Without its web, a spider is vulnerable. A spider inherently knows the value of its web and so sets out on a mission to build it with the “tools” it has been given. To not access this gift would be to deny the very essence of how the spider was created and designed to both live and thrive.

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Do You Feel A Million Miles Away from God?

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The government has been taking photos of us. A few years ago, NASA’s Cassini Telescope snapped this photo of you and me, as the telescope approached Saturn. The brighter blue dot near the center of the photo is us – planet earth! It’s easy to look at a photo like this and be impressed with…

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