God Has A Plan For Your Life That’s Bigger Than You Could Ever Imagine

Are you in control? We sure do try. You might organize your day planner, clean a closet or take charge of something you’ve been wishy washy on. But what if the best thing you could do for you was to let go, and let God? That’s when truly amazing things happen.

The times we are in might be leaving you feeling a little uncertain—maybe worried. In the past year, you might have tried to take control of your health—your finances—your kids’ schooling—your emotional well-being.

But have you really been in control? No way!

This has been the most out of control couple of years any of us have experienced. We can’t control things like how a virus spreads, or how that impacts the economy. We can’t control what the school district decides to do with hybrid or in-person learning. And we can’t control how much toilet paper is on the shelf of the grocery store. But in all of those circumstances, we can control one thing: us. And how we react to it all.

Your life is like a road trip. You’ve got a plan and a destination. You’re in the driver’s seat and your foot is on the gas pedal. Only, you’re actually sitting in the backseat. You’re not directing the driver. You’re not even holding the map. God is steering and He is taking you exactly where you NEED to go. Which is not always where you WANT to go.

What you want may not be what is best.

And by best, I mean God’s plan, which is bigger than you could ever imagine. It doesn’t always make sense to us—but it’s designed to bring Him glory. And in your heart, I think you really want to be a part of that, right? If it makes you feel better, the life you’re living right now was planned for you before God even created the planets and stars.

The next time you’re about to utter the words, “I got this,” maybe ask God if you really do. In the grand scheme of life, surrender is one of the hardest things we do. It means giving up our will in place of God’s will. It means using our lives for His glory, and not our own. It’s hard. And it’s a choice. A choice that you control.

Terese Main

Sunday Afternoon Host, STAR 93.3


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Terese Main

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