The Way (New Horizon) by Pat Barrett

Singer/songwriter (Good Good Father) Pat Barrett will be the first artist signed by Chris Tomlin’s label and in this Behind the Mic episode, Pat joins us at STAR 93.3, in Cincinnati, to share the story behind his first release The Way (New Horizon).

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Story Behind Higher by For All Seasons

In this weeks Behind the Mic, Emily from For All Seasons shares the story behind their song Higher. She shares what it means to trust in God’s way of doing things and doing so with grace and love.

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Story Behind “Word of Life” by Jeremy Camp

In this weeks Behind the Mic, Jeremy Camp shares the story behind his recent song “Word of Life“. We all go through tough times but knowing where we can find peace, hope, and joy is key to surviving in this world or brokenness. Story Behind “Word of Life” by Jeremy Camp When we were writing the song…

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Story Behind “Unfinished” by Mandisa

When bad things happen, where do we turn? When everything in our world seems to be crashing down, do we still trust in the Lord’s character? In this Behind the Mic, Mandisa shares the work that God has done in her life, and the inspiration behind her song Unfinished. Story Behind “Unfinished” by Mandisa Overcomer…

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Story Behind “If I Trust in You” by Joel Vaughn

As Christians, sometimes it’s hard to give 100% of our hearts to God. We let our fear get in the way of our faith. We wonder, “Can I really trust God with every single part of my life?” In this Behind the Mic, Joel Vaughn discusses the story behind his new song, “If I Trust…

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When Things Don’t Go As Planned

Laura Story - Worry

I can look back on days of my life that have been stolen by worry. I wouldn’t say the whole day was stolen, but it’s more like my joy, or my contentment, in that day, has been stolen by worry.

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