What’s Your Focus?

The other day, on my afternoon show, I was paraphrasing “one truth” from my Grandpa that I heard a very long time ago. He taught me that we don’t grow during the moments of praises and accolades as much as we grow during life’s tough times. It is the hard times that often make us grow!

When we go through these seasons in our lives, the silence can be deafening. Our minds tend to wander, providing an environment for endless speculation. We may ask ourselves an unending string of questions. Should I have done this or that differently? What if I had said this? Why don’t they see things the way I see them? Those questions lots of times have no answers. The range of emotions we can feel can be crippling.

We need to focus on God during these times and realize that He is with us. We need to pray and declare the promises we find in God’s Word. We should not allow our minds to drift or think negative thoughts but worship and praise Him.

When we focus on God, our attitudes change. As we praise and worship Him, our worries and unsettling thoughts disappear. We aren’t discouraged by circumstances or concerned by a lack of recognition. We aren’t terrified by the unknown but find meaning and encouragement by serving Him.

Today, fill your mind with God’s Word.

Seek Him. 

Praise Him. 

Worship Him.

Make God your focus. Be confident that He is with you. Let His presence overwhelm you.

Chad Mitchell

Afternoon Host, STAR 93.3.


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Chad Mitchell

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