Here’s What To Do If You Want To Become A Better Person

African husband holding biracial wife hands with care and love

When somebody wrongs us, either by accident or on purpose, it can be extremely hard to get over it. In fact, we may never be able to reconcile with the wrongdoer. That said, forgiveness is essential and it gives us a chance to heal and become a better person.

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What’s Your Focus?

Christian life crisis prayer to god. Man Pray for god blessing to wishing have a better life. man hands praying to god with the bible. believe in goodness. Holding hands in prayer on a wooden table.

There’s nothing fun about the tough times of life. But if we focus on God, our worries disappear and we find encouragement in Him.

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Don’t Waste Your Potential!

Basketball hoop isolated on black background

I don’t know about you, but I have been especially captivated by this year’s NCAA March Madness games. The level of excellence achieved by everyone involved is simply amazing. That same level of excellence, seen amongst the final teams, I find equally present in the teams that lose in the first round. How many times…

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Time to Step Out

egs of woman about to leave circular marking on asphalt labeled zone picture id1199952841

Is it too late to wish you a Happy New Year? I say no. HAPPY NEW YEAR! At the end of 2021, my family and I tried something together for the first time. We went snowmobiling. I’ll admit it…I was anxious about the whole thing. Being injury prone, getting hurt was the very first thing…

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What do you REALLY want for Christmas?

Man Praying At Christmas

As Christmas approaches, we are all asked an increasingly more difficult question to answer year after year. What do you want for Christmas?  This was such an easily answered question when we were kids. I’ll take one of everything, please!  When I was younger, Christmas was all about presents for me. Sure…I had a few lines…

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God Is With You in the Midst of Struggles

God is With you in the struggles

I have so much fun talking with you.  Most afternoons, I share “One Truth” on my radio show as a daily dose of hope and inspiration. Not too long ago, I shared one that said, “Never be afraid or embarrassed to struggle! We’ve all been in a struggle. There is absolutely no shame in working hard…

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Cast Your Burdens On Your Father

Cast Your Cares on Your Father

How do we react when we feel overwhelmed by problems? How do we respond when we feel discouraged or hopeless?  The past few weeks were especially tough on my family and yours. We all have the 20th anniversary of 9/11, Tropical Storm Ida, COVID-19, Afghanistan, and countless other things on our minds. This was amplified by seeing…

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