This Is What’s Really Happening When God Allows Trials In Your Life

Have you ever had a week where literally everything went wrong? I had one of those last week:

  • I had issues with my computer while attempting to meet a super tight deadline.
  • Various appliances in my house stopped working unexpectedly.
  • My husband needed to stay at his office late, which derailed some evening plans.
  • Some of my Amazon packages got lost in transit.

I could go on and on. But I suspect that I’m not alone. Isn’t it interesting that when one thing goes wrong, it often leads to a cascade of other issues, culminating into a week that feels like it was an utter chaotic mess.

In the midst of my messy week, I was reminded of God’s sovereignty.

God will allow five things to go wrong in your life so that perhaps one great thing can come to fruition, according to His plan. He is always present, guiding you through His Spirit, but our eyes are so often fixated on all the messy wrongs surrounding us that we often lose sight of His sovereignty in the minor details of our life.

Consider the story of Mary and Martha, who walked, talked, and learned from Jesus directly. Scripture tells us that Jesus loved this family dearly. When He had heard that Lazarus was sick, rather than rushing back to Bethany to heal Lazarus, He chose to stay two extra days in Bethabara beyond the Jordan. Four days after Lazarus had died, Jesus returned to Bethany to offer something even more remarkable:

He rose Lazarus from the dead.

Imagine the disappointment of Martha and Mary when Jesus did not return to heal him. Imagine what they must have been thinking. Yet Jesus performed an even greater miracle according to his timing and purpose.

Whatever disappointment you’re facing this week, know that it’s part of the journey. This is leading you to what God has elegantly designed and planned for your life.

Believe in Him and His sovereignty.

Don’t get lost in the circumstances surrounding you. Pray for wisdom, patience, and understanding through His Word. I pray that you would rest in that truth and turn your eyes from the minutia of all the wrongs that fill a week and focus on the path ahead.

Isha Zaitz

Promotions Director, STAR 93.3


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