Is Your Soul Desperate for Peace? Try Brant’s Simple Idea.


That’s certainly a word that has picked up some cultural steam in the last few years.

“Being triggered.”

“I’m triggered.”

“What triggers you…?”

It seems we’re a culture whose very sanity is on a razor’s thin edge with any particular set of words on any particular day pushing us right over into mass hysteria.

Okay, maybe that’s hyperbole…but not by much.

With this as a backdrop, I’d like you to consider a proposition posed by the one and only Brant Hansen last week on our show.

It was so simple yet so profound (a common space my friend Hansen occupies well):

Let everyday, seemingly mundane activities trigger you to be grateful.

His words were actually more eloquent than that. Here’s part of the transcript from the show:

“Bringing your mind back to God (His goodness, His faithfulness, and that kind of stuff) doesn’t just happen. It has to be intentional. Use triggers in your day, like mundane things that always happen to remind you to be grateful.

Like your commute…that can be when you rehearse scripture in your mind, or you sing songs about the goodness of God. Red lights, every time there’s a red light, you make that a trigger to return your thoughts to how grateful you are to God.

The things you have every day. Things you’re going to have to do every day, or see every day.

Before meals, is a classic idea of thanking God. This is a way to bring your mind back to Him. Again, it has to be intentional. And then what happens? The result of this is being at peace.”

So how about that?

Pick something you see daily or something you do daily and make it a trigger for gratitude?

I love the idea of giving the word “trigger” a positive connotation. In a culture of chaos and confusion, triggers for gratitude can go a long way in making us a people known for peace and joy.

Sherri Lynn
Morning Show Host, STAR 99.1


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Sherri Lynn

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