God Is With You in the Midst of Struggles

God is With you in the struggles

I have so much fun talking with you.  Most afternoons, I share “One Truth” on my radio show as a daily dose of hope and inspiration. Not too long ago, I shared one that said, “Never be afraid or embarrassed to struggle! We’ve all been in a struggle. There is absolutely no shame in working hard…

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The One Remaining Question

Questioning who Jesus is to you

Very recently, I read about the latest church-celebrity “I’m-not-a-Christian-anymore” social media post when my insightful friend Sherri asked me a question:  “Hey, did he ever mention Jesus?”  “What?” “Did he mention Jesus in his ‘goodbye’ post? I noticed the last guy didn’t… the celebrity pastor. Did this one mention Jesus?” I skimmed it again.  Why…

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Cast Your Burdens On Your Father

Cast Your Cares on Your Father

How do we react when we feel overwhelmed by problems? How do we respond when we feel discouraged or hopeless?  The past few weeks were especially tough on my family and yours. We all have the 20th anniversary of 9/11, Tropical Storm Ida, COVID-19, Afghanistan, and countless other things on our minds. This was amplified by seeing…

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You Can’t Defeat Your Demons If You’re Enjoying Their Company!

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At Star 93.3, we’re on the journey through your day – and through all of life – with you! Each weekday afternoon from 3 to 7, I share small nuggets that I call “one truth”, which are pearls of wisdom that are speaking to me, and I hope they speak to you, too.   Here’s “one truth” I shared…

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God’s Plans Are for Me


I have a restless spirit – I have learned that about myself. I have a personality where I want what I want, and when I want it. I speak about this on-air all the time. Though I say I trust God, if that were true, my spirit would not be restless! Over the weekend, I…

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Renewed Mind

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Just to be personal… I have seen things that I wish I hadn’t seen. I’ve absorbed a lot of dumb stuff and thought about a lot of dumb stuff and wrong stuff and hurtful stuff, and my brain has had all this happening over the decades. What I love, though, is that scripture about how…

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